We are adopting two adorable girls who have a little something extra, Down Syndrome!
We are excited to add them to our family.
We will use this blog to update family and friends on our adoption progress and fundraising efforts.
Just joining us? Click on the 2011 posts in the archive to find out why we are adopting the girls.

Free Giveaway


We are doing a free giveway!  No payment necessary!  All you have to do is spread the word about our bracelet fundraiser.  For every facebook post, blog, tweet, email, etc you send out about our bracelet fundraiser, you are entered to win.  We will use Random to pick the winner.  The prize is a doll with Down Syndrome (pictured above) generously donated by Kate Ylst at http://www.facebook.com/TinyWideSmiles   They are sooooooooo much cuter in person.

Make sure you comment below all the ways that you shared so you can be entered to win.



  1. Bought a bracelet and posted about this giveaway on my blog. http://departtoserve.blogspot.com/2012/03/harmony-laurel-and-giveaways.html
    Praying your adoption process goes smoothly so you can get these girls home sooner.

  2. Bought a bracelet and am posting to my bloghttp://melissa-roomatthetable.blogspot.com/ and facebook. Please message me on facebook to get my address because I don't want it on a public blog. Thanks. Last name is Welty.

  3. You are one amazing persong Love.I'm sharing this on FB.God Bless you all. (((hugz))) Love,Tamara & Ralph Roettger <3

  4. shared on fb. didn't realise i didn't do it the other day! Hope this gets you more awareness. Love your sweet girls

  5. Just shared on Facebook! That doll would look so cute on Hazel and Anya's bed. :)

  6. So cute! Today I posted on Facebook, at littleadoption.blogspot.com and also on Twitter! Priya would love to win a doll!

  7. Shared on Fb and on my blog. Love the bracelets. We are working on our fundraising, but hope to be able to get a bracelet from you soon!

  8. I shared on facebook. Please give my chance to win this to Mandy Rhodes at http://findingourlittleone.blogspot.com/

  9. KelliD - Mindy&#39;s friendApril 7, 2012 at 12:50 AM

    I put it out on Facebook... am searching the rules on my adoption forums to see how many I can post it to!!