We are adopting two adorable girls who have a little something extra, Down Syndrome!
We are excited to add them to our family.
We will use this blog to update family and friends on our adoption progress and fundraising efforts.
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Americans Banned from adopting Russian children

Several people have been asking, here is our adoption update. The Russian government's congress has passed a law banning all international adoptions by American citizens. It still needs to be signed by Putin, the president. He says he supports the bill. We do not know how this will effect our adoption. Our adoption agency told us tonight that our adoption will become official on Dec 29th but because of the holidays we will not be able to get the girls passports and bring them home until mid Jan (as planned). The ban (if signed) goes into place Jan 1st. We do not know if this means that we will have just made it under the wire because our adoption was complete in time or if it means that we will not be able to bring home our girls because we were not able to get the passports in time. We are hysterical and very, very, worried. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but wait and pray.

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