We are adopting two adorable girls who have a little something extra, Down Syndrome!
We are excited to add them to our family.
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No personal space in Russia

Note to all future traveling families, Russians do not have the personal space boundaries that we do. They will literally stand right next to you, leaning their body against yours even if you preceive that there is plenty of space for everyone. They will fill elevators to 3 times the number of people we would and have no problem pushing you gently further in to fit even more. This does not happen because there is a long wait for an elevator or because there is an emergency but because they are totally comfortable being smashed against a stranger. Don't freak out or feel like you are being molested when the guy behind you stands so close you can feel his breath on your neck. While in Russia do as the Russians do and just lean back on him and give your tired body a break :). He will gladly support you. Just don't fall asleep because Russians also love to butt in line and you need to defend your territory!

Besides the personal space issue, I have found Russians to be my kind of people. They don't have strict manner rules, they say exactly what they think, and they are not worried about offending because they are not easily offended. They have an easy time laughing at themselves. They are kind and are good at unpredictable. They are pushy, opinionated and straight forward. Like I said, my kind of people.

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