We are adopting two adorable girls who have a little something extra, Down Syndrome!
We are excited to add them to our family.
We will use this blog to update family and friends on our adoption progress and fundraising efforts.
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Miracle Naomi

My daughter Naomi is the spotlight child this week at school in her 3rd grade class.  As part of that, I needed to write a letter about Naomi to be read to the class.  I thought I would share it here for those who are considering special needs adoptions.  Not all children recover as quickly or as completely as Naomi did, but ALL children are MIRACLES.

Naomi is a MIRACLE.

When Naomi was not quite 2 we adopted her from Haiti.  She was very tiny.  She had been at a really terrible orphanage.  They did not take good care of her and she did not get enough to eat.  At almost 2 Naomi was the size of a 6 month old baby and could only do things that newborn babies can do.  She could not hold up her head, roll over, sit, crawl or anything because she was so tiny and so sick. When we got to the United States, we immediately took her to the doctors who said they thought she only had about 3 days to live.  But they didn’t know that Naomi is a MIRACLE!  She lived and has been full of life and energy ever since!

All the doctors and specialists told us that Naomi would never learn to crawl or walk.  They told us she had a condition called severe cerebral palsy and would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.  But they didn’t know that Naomi is a MIRACLE!  Naomi quickly learned to sit, crawl and walk. Then she learned to ride a bike. Then she learned to dance.  Then she started performing on stages.  Then she started taking cheerleading.  Naomi is an amazing athlete.  You should ask to see her muscles sometime, they are HUGE.  Naomi is a MIRACLE.

The doctors told us that Naomi would never be able to talk or play or interact much with others.  They told us she had really bad damage to her brain that would it hard for her to understand the world around her. The specialists said because Naomi did not have love when she was a baby, she would have a hard time attaching to her family.  But they didn’t know that Naomi is a MIRACLE!  Naomi quickly learned to love her family with her whole heart.  She is always the first one in our family to volunteer to help others.  She loves serving her family.  Naomi is very affectionate to her family and her mother enjoys her hugs and kisses.  Naomi is very good at cheering people up when they are sad.  She is nice to all her brothers and sisters.  Naomi is also a fantastic friend and kind to everyone.  She is fun to play with and is good at sharing.  Naomi is a MIRACLE.

The doctors told us that because of Naomi’s brain damage that she would have a very hard time learning and would always be behind.  They said that in her mind, she might stay a tiny baby.  But they didn’t know that Naomi is a MIRACLE!  Naomi is extremely smart.  In fact, she is the youngest child in your class because she was so smart she skipped Kindergarten.  She loves to learn and she does very well at school.  Naomi also loves to read and often stays up way too late at night reading in her bed.  Naomi plays the piano and her teacher is so impressed with her ability to quickly master difficult and beautiful music.  Naomi is a MIRACLE.

When Naomi came home she did not even know how to suck a bottle.  She was being fed through a tube.  Then when she finally did learn to eat, she would only eat foods that were completely smooth and were white (like plain yogurt, mashed potatoes and cream of wheat).  But Naomi was a MIRACLE.  Today Naomi is adventurous and is always willing to try new foods (she loves anything super spicy).  She also enjoys new experiences.  She is brave and goes on the scary rides at Lagoon, enjoys white river rafting with her mom, and is an amazing swimmer who is not afraid to jump off the high diving board.  Naomi is a MIRACLE.

Naomi has been such a huge blessing to our family.  We love her so much.  She is fun, spontaneous, loving, smart and adventurous.  She bubbles over with energy and excitement. She makes our home a fun place to be.  She is truly a MIRACLE every day in our lives.