We are adopting two adorable girls who have a little something extra, Down Syndrome!
We are excited to add them to our family.
We will use this blog to update family and friends on our adoption progress and fundraising efforts.
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Color Coding

So I have started to freak out a little bit about the organizational challenge that 10 kids will be.  So taking the advice of other large adoptive families, we have decided to color code the children's things.  Each kid was able to pick their color.  So far, every kid now has a tooth brush, towel, backpack, robe, slippers, beach bag, water bottle, drinking cup, bathroom bin, hair brush, flip flops, etc either in their color or personalized with their name in their color.  I am really hoping that as we do this, it will help us know who's is who's and stay more organized.  Especially since so many of my kiddos are the same size!!  My 4 bigs are exactly the same size, then my next 2 are the same size, then the next 2 are the same size.  Only little Jonathan and Mary (Mara) will be different.

I found this great website that has LOTS of stuff to personalize.  The cost is very reasonable (especially if you buy in the quantities I do) and I just got my order and the items I ordered are very high quality.  I don't make any money or kick back from them, I just thought that they were worth recommending!


It is unrealistic to buy EVERYTHING in their color.  Afterall, who would want to wear the same color shirt every day??  But I have visions of getting scripture bags, 3 ring binders, notebooks, etc in their colors.  I am so sick of the "Who left their . . . . . in the living room?" Only to be met with a hundred "Not me!"  Now hopefully I will pick up the backpack, see that it is Orange and yell, "Elena!  You need to put your backpack away!" 

We'll see if it works!


  1. thats a super great idea! I only have 3 (soon to be 4) and i still love it!!!!! We may have to do this too!!!!

    p.s. we hopped over from the blog hop!

  2. Cute idea. I "only" have six and love colors. We use them for clothes so they can tell whose is whose when putting them away. Mama makes no promises though that the right shirt always gets hung on the right color. Oh well. Congrats on not being "done" yet. God laughs at me too. LOL

  3. We got embroidered towels for each kid two Christmases ago. Thankfully, they came in 12 colors which also helps, but it's nice to know who to chew out when towels get left on the floor. ;o)